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New technology

플로우 드릴링 스크류 (FDS)

A method of joining different material each other in which those material is pushed out of the one way side with the aid of heat from friction
Bonding Process
1. High speed and high force,
    heat up the material
2. Penetration of the material
    – Flow Drilling
3. Molding of cylindrical rim hole
4. Groove of the thread
   without cutting action
5. Driving through the material
6. Tightening of the screw
- One-sided access required for assembly
- Pre-drilling or punching of joined material not required
- Chip-less forming of female threads
- Deep extrusion created resulting in high thread engagement and joint strength
- Eliminated welding costs and workplace environmental concerns
- Standard metric thread screws can be used in repair situations
- Effectively used with adhesives for enhanced joint performance

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