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Management Philosophy
Aug. 2005 Established MDT Co.,Ltd.
Aug. 2005 Partnership agreement with with HWH
Jul. 2006 Acquired HMC Factory 5 & Asan plant projects
Jan. 2007 Registered at Hyundai & KIA Motors group
May. 2008 Registered at GM Korea
Apr. 2009 Certificated an MDT affiliated Laboratory(KOITA)
Aug. 2010 Certificated ISO 9001:2008
Jun. 2011 Established Service center in Cheonan
Nov. 2011 Registered as excellent venture company
Oct. 2012 Exclusive distributor of ROVALMA in Korea
Jan. 2013 Setup a China branch office in Shanghai
Jan. 2013 Registered at POSCO
May. 2014 Acquired a Headquarter and factories in Ulju-gun, Ulsan
Nov. 2015 Established China branch in Beijing